about kanesha

Who am I?  Yeah, really good question!

Kanesha giggling

I’m an only child, gen-xer and married to the sweetest man ever (and he happens to be a twin). I love being a mom, having a thriving career, dabbling in domesticity, and living life to the fullest.  We live in the country suburbs (yes, that’s what this former urban hipster is calling it) with our two children who happen to be eight years apart.

Because hubby and I work over full-time and often travel for work – at the same time, we delayed having our second child for a bit (see above) waiting for the “right time”. As many dual-career families know, you are often too busy to spend quality time with your spouse, you eat food and don’t really have meals, your calendar is your best friend and you’re just on that hamster wheel non-stop!

And then there’s that parenting guilt… You have guilt about leaving your kids in before/after-school care all the time, you don’t send home-baked goods for class parties, you’re not the “room-mom” for the class, and you can’t remember if you’re coming or going. Not many parents get real and talk about it, but the unsaid guilt is there.

Hubby and I gave up that guilt and imported my mother-in-law and she lives with us. Yes, in the same house. No, I’m not insane – all the time.

Not only did we join the land of the multigenerational living, we also added the interracial dynamic to mix (oh and internet dating). Yeah, we’ve got a lot going on.

I’m an over-organizer, hubby is over-analytical and my mother-in-law is…well keep checking-in with http://www.itsafullnest.com. You’ll hear about our adventures, triumphs and breakdowns. It’ll be unedited family fun!


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  1. Posted by rashanah baldwin on July 4, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Kanesha – I love every bit of it .I wonder if adult hood will afford me the same opportunities of having a great family, career and much more. Side note I wonder if adulthood will teach me to like children and actually over look my dysfunctional family instead of running away from them or shutting them out??? Or even change my TUDE toward silly people.

    I will continue to follow your blog (you’ve been a great inspiration since TR).



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