Delights of multigenerational living: August 2010

Our multigenerational PERK list for August 2010

Kanesha’s Nest

Morning serenades by my little guy. He’s been working on Row Row Row Your Boat with my mother-in-law. My mom bought this piano book.

We often have many impromptu projects. This project involved hubby and our daughter renovating a bike. Good thing my mother-in-law had some Mod Podge on hand to help with the bike decorations.

The little guy is earning his keep. My mother-in-law taught him how to shuck corn and he helped her prepare dinner.

Margot’s Nest

In our multigenerational household, art and trains are a constant.  My mom uneartherd this compact, travel set of watercolors that were MY grandmother’s.  My son’s art is, shockingly, about trains…

And with the help of their grandparents, the kids rearranged and cleaned up their trains
and “learning corner” in the play room


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