Full house. Fuller nest. Complete exhaustion.

Today is what I would call vacation chaos with a large side of family.

It started off as a hot day, and then it rained, so we were relegated to indoor activities…with five kids (and two semi-bewildered adults).

My stepdad made it clear from the start, he would be down in the man cave. (I gotta get one of those!)


Well July is full of wacky and weird holidays and who doesn’t need some wacky and weird on a day like this?

Today ‘s holidays included paper bag day and eat your Jello day – because it’s Bill Cosby’s birthday.

No, I am not kidding.

The younger kids and I made some Jello. They got to pick the colors they wanted (red and blue).

While my mom kept the younger two occupied, the older three and I tackled paper bag creations.

Craft supplies already here in the house

Well…I gathered all the materials and they created the masterpieces.

Creativity and glue magic at its finest

Now we’re tired and worn a little thin. Tomorrow is another day…

by Kanesha


One response to this post.

  1. Thank you for your comment on my watermelon-lime bars! If you end up making them, I’d love to know how they turned out.


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