Still hitting the bottle at age 3. Confessions of a non-perfect mom.

Margot and I often get together at the start of the work week to reconnect, catch up, commiserate, rant, complain, and ultimately support each other. A lot of the discussions are about multigenerational living. We decided (ok, I was coaxed!) we would try to capture one-to-two of these chats, per month, on video (yes, I’m a good sport).

So, here is our first attempt. Bear with us!


Here’s yet another thing to add to my “I’m not a perfect mom” list. My youngest is 3-years-old (and 2 months) and he’s still on the bottle.

Big sigh…

The kid is walking, talking, practically reading, using the bathroom on his own, and super social. Yet this bottle has a super hold on him.

The only thing that goes in the bottle is soy milk. All other liquids are in a cup, not even a sippy cup.  I keep trying to get him to take the soy milk in the cup and he says,

“Mommy, it tastes better in my bottle.”

Well ok, how can I argue with that?

I don’t  argue about the bottle and neither does my mother-in-law. She loves rocking him when he has his before nap bottle, and honestly I don’t blame her. This is my last baby and this is her youngest grandchild.

(Yes, I’m sure you all are judging us both!)

Imagine my relief when Margot told me they went through the same thing!

At the recent dental visit, the hygienist and dentist praised us for taking such good care of his teeth. Everything looked great and he didn’t have any cavities (uhm…we don’t brush his teeth every night either…yes, I’m totally confessing here). I was beyond relieved when they did NOT ask if he was still on the bottle.

(I’m sure they were thinking, “He’s THREE, why would we ask this awesome mom that!?”)

And then at the annual check-up with the pediatrician, the three-year-old practically took care of all Q & A himself as he dialogued with the doctor. She failed to ask me about his “bottle addiction” and thank goodness too. I think I would have evaporated into thin air if the bottle subject came up.

Kanesha and Margot talk about bottle addiction in this video clip

Hubby and I have taken a pact to get our young fellow off the bottle THIS SUMMER. So far, we’re failing.

I keep telling myself not to be so jammed up about it, and most days I’m not.

He’ll be in preschool this fall, and I’m hoping his peers will offer some excellent advice on how to shake this bottle habit.  This is the type of peer pressure I can get behind.

So tell us, what “baby addictions” could your kids not shake?

Perfect parental figures need not respond…well OK, I do want to hear from you too, but nothing too condemning, please. Thanks!

by Kanesha


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Holly Bauer on September 15, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    I read this a while ago but am usually on my handheld without the ability to respond…I am happily in your “bad parents” club and send my almost three year old twins with a bottle of milk every night to their crib—the dentist recently told me how great their teeth were and to keep up the good work. I had a quiet laugh to myself knowing she would have freaked if she knew our bad habits!


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