Countdown to Father’s Day – and we’ve got NOTHING!

by Kanesha

Father’s Day is around the corner and we’ve totally forgotten about it.

I guess we are plagued by the out of site, out of mind syndrome.

Hubby is on travel and the kids will be out of town when he returns on Father’s Day eve…so do we really have to celebrate and have a gift ready?

That was a joke! OK…a tiny joke.

When I was talking with my daughter about summer holidays (like when she reminded me we didn’t do anything for Flag Day…really now??) and summer plans, she said, “Isn’t Father’s Day coming up soon?

I totally played it off. “Yes it is, sweetie, this coming weekend. Any ideas of what we could do for your dad?”

She shrugged her shoulders and I turned on New Moon for inspiration.

Hey! I know Eclipse is  opening on June 30, so at least I’m preparing for THAT!

Ok, back to Father’s Day...

In thinking about how ill-prepared the kids and I are for father’s day this year, I chuckled in thinking about that funny episode from the Cosby Show.


I keep a “gift idea” journal with clippings, notes, and URLs of potential gifts my family may love. So in looking at it tonight, I realized I’m in pretty good shape in getting things ready by June 20.  Here are some of the top items that the super dad in our lives may get this year…with express shipping:

Fireside Cooking Irons

Fireside Cooking Irons from Plow and Hearth

Fruit of the month club - Harry and David

Cuisinart griddler, grill and panini press - Williams Sonoma

REI Comfort Cot

Giftcard and visit to Daveco

Goodies from Tee and Cakes

And of course a special homemade card for dad!

Father's Day Card - idea from Kaboose

I’m also crossing my fingers that when I get home, my MIL will have led the kids in a father’s day, crafting extravaganza!

What will the special dad(s) in your life receive this year?


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