What’s up with the World Cup?

by Kanesha

World Cup fever is alive and well from now until July 11, at least it is in our house.

World Cup 2010

I was ecstatic for the soccer matches to begin and the various discussions to hit the blogosphere. I kept up with the World Cup preparations in South Africa, did some initial research on all the players and coaches,  printed the schedule, debriefed my family on the participating teams, as well as telling them who they should be cheering on. I even arranged my work schedule, on June 11, around the soccer matches.

I have to confess, I am not a huge sports fan, but soccer is one sport I truly love. Soccer brings an international appeal that is only enhanced by gorgeous, sexy and easy on the eyes men – with the best legs that could ever grace a flat screen TV. (…oh and divine athleticism, did I leave that out? WHOOPS!)

And to keep the confessional going, I’m not the only one in this house who jumps at the opportunity to ogle fine soccer players. My MIL is often right beside me in this visual feast.

And uhm, yeah, it’s WAY more appropriate for her to do the ogling…but somehow she’s a really good sport about it.

My MIL told me she’s not a big soccer fan (like many folks in the USA), but she’s enjoying watching what the world is watching, listening to me explain the various soccer rules to her grandchildren, and learning more about a sport her son-in-law loves so much – he named his daughter after a famous female soccer player. (This was news to hubby and me in regards to our niece’s namesake.)

So all in all, the World Cup is bringing us all together as a family, allowing my MIL and me to giggle shamelessly like schoolgirls, and making my hubby roll his eyes at me and shake his head at his mother.

Here are our top reasons for watching the World Cup, and I’m sure our list will continue to grow!

1.  Watching those awesome legs with superior quad muscles

2.  Re-reviewing the June 2010 issue of Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair June 2010

3.  Glimpses of David Beckham during the USA vs. England match

David Beckham

4. Telemundo

5.  Me snuggling in bed with my children during the 7:30am (MST) matches

6. World Cup cocktails

7. Tim Howard

Tim Howard

8.  Incredible moves by the soccer players

Incredible soccer moves

9. Nike commercials

10.  Enjoying something together as a family


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