$50 GIVE-AWAY for dog-lovers!

Unleashed, a local dog supply store in Louisville, CO is my go-to shop for my new puppy, Kokopelli.  They have a generous supply of treats, toys, organic and natural dog foods, every pooper-scooper you can think of, as well as snappy leashes, collars, and beds.  (We bought a brown leash and collar with green polka dots!  Très chic!)

Unleashed - Dog Center

Unleashed - Dog Center

And the really fun part is the self-serve dog wash with huge tubs, hoses, shampoo, towels, etc – what a great idea!

Bernadette Pflug, the owner with her husband, Joe, is also a dog-trainer.  When our own little chewing  monster is ready to learn his manners, we will be front and center in one of Bernadette’s classes!

Leave  a comment on this post (link above) with a description of the most expensive thing that has been ruined because you love a dog and you will be entered into the drawing for $50 worth of Unleashed dog supplies. We are also happy to ship out of the area! I am certain that my brother Byron knows I would answer this question – right, B?  (Gorgeous Italian shoes that mysteriously lost a tassel….)  Winner notified within one week.


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  1. Posted by lisa on May 30, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    i love this store. it is our favorite and has been since it opened in superior. our dog, keela loves it too!


  2. Posted by Dorelle ackermann on May 31, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    $500.00 othotics beats the leash she ate that required stomach crags


  3. Posted by Jody Martin on June 1, 2010 at 5:51 am

    Gilligan chewed the “fluff” out of the cushions on my new couch! I guess she thought it was a giant toy – and getting the fluff out of toys is her favorite thing to do! I was able to salvage my couch by making new cushion covers for the couch, but ugh! that was hard work!


  4. Hmmm, the most expensive thing my Buster ate was an antique chair that had much sentimental value. (My attempts to include a photo have failed.) This was after the carpet, and before the couch cushion. I don’t count the squirrel….since it was in the house and a good thing. The sprinkler system and a few sprinkler heads wer ealso yanked on and spit out. He’s getting better now and sticking to his toys.


  5. Posted by Linda Kirkpatrick on June 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Our mini-schnauzer, Maggie, chewed on my brand new tri-focal prescription glasses..(we are talking $400)…and, my husbands’ bi-focals ($300)…..all within two days…then she went after my coveted yoga mat flip flops ($25)….but, it is all good…she is cute, cute, cute – an eternal puppy. She is four years old now and brings us more love and stress relief that we can describe. Dogs are great!


  6. Posted by Teresa on June 2, 2010 at 8:26 am

    Along with the usual suspects: a couch dragged across the floor of the TV room completely destroyed and the legs of various pieces of furniture, our chocolate lab, Oso, destroyed two valuable things.

    The first was the irrigation system in the yard. When he was barely two years old, he dug up and chewed the pipes in his fenced area of the yard. This shut down the entire system until repairs ($$$) could be scheduled. Of course, while awaiting the repairs, he proceeded to dig massive holes around the unearthed pipes. We just returned from a trip to a South African game preserve. There, we learned that elephants require a lot of land to roam because they unearth trees and devastate the landscape looking for water and nutrients in the roots of things. They have been known to rip PVC pipe out of the ground in the preserve looking for fresh water. Maybe Oso was an elephant in a previous incarnation!

    The second thing was valuable for sentimental reasons. My son, Dan, who is 22, was an early talker (the wise little yoda who never needed spanking, if you recall). He did not walk, however, until he was 16 months old. Consequently, I remember every detail of the day we bought his first pair of baby shoes. It was a little store in Boulder that sold only baby shoes (It’s long since gone). The shoes were white leather. They were called “Baby Jacks”. Because he was so old for a first walker, he needed one of the biggest sizes they had. After he outgrew those shoes, friends and family advised me to get them “bronzed” the way parents have been doing since time immemorial to preserve them as a memento. I didn’t want to. I loved the feel of the real leather, looking at the little scuff marks. The molecules of my son’s little feet were in there and would be destroyed in the process. So I kept them, as is, on a bookshelf in our bedroom. Yes, you can see where this is going can’t you. Puppy Oso couldn’t resist the smell of those delicious shoes belonging to Dan, the beloved member of his “pack”. He chewed a hole in one toe of those Baby Jacks before I caught him and halted the damage. I’m not so upset now as I was then. And, someday, when Oso is gone, those shoes will remind me of him and his exuberance.


    • Teresa – that is a lot! Holy mackerel! Thankfully, my destroyed itmes were limited to fine leather shoes – but not sentimental ones! WOW!!! Love the idea that he was really an elephant – that is hilarious!


  7. Posted by Mary McGee on June 3, 2010 at 10:06 am

    My favorite dog, Abbie Rose, has damaged the edges of my favorite carpet and ruined another. She also ruined a pair of black pumps, but those were pretty dowdy, so that’s ok. I love her more than any other dog in the whole world.


  8. Posted by Terry Hoxie on June 3, 2010 at 10:21 am

    I have two (littermates) dogs and they are 14 years old and wonderful, however they did not start out that way when I got them at 7 weeks old. I had 7 pairs of boots ranging in price from $50 to $400 and these girls of mine took it upon themselves to kill one shoe in each pair of boots. One boot in each pair was perfect and the other was a chewed up mess….It was hard to stay mad at them because they were so cute. I have a saying that if puppies weren’t so cute they would all be homeless! Here we are 14 years later and they are my best friends….and now my senior citizens….Thanks!


    • TERRY! Congrtulations! You just won $50 worth of dog stuff from Unleashed!!! Take a look at the site and let me know what you would like – I would be happy to pack a box and sind it your way. Can you give me a mailing address? Thanks so much! Margot and Kanesha


  9. for dog collars, i think the best one are those leather dog collars:.,


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