Coffee WARS – love the smell, right?

Uhmm, yeah, ok.


Ahhhh, the delicious smell of coffee in the morning.  I like a dark roast, percolating gently, aromatically wafting through the house as I finish getting dressed – Peet’s coffee specifically, with a splash of Coffee Mate, Italian Sweet Cream.  My husband uses a nifty Nespresso machine that uses espresso pods – and he warms milk, whips it to a froth and adds a spoonful of sugar.

My husband and I used to get our coffee on the way to work every morning – but that changed when we had kids.  (And the savings, honestly, is impressive!)  I never drank coffee until after college – and now – it is THE thing that I look forward most to when the day starts.

In my multigenerational house, the smell of coffee coming from my parents’ part of the house means my dad is up and reading the Denver Post – usually between 6-6:30 am.  I have to admit, their coffee does not have the same effect on me. I have caught a whiff of it here and there over the last 4 years– not so good.

So yesterday, I decided to look in their kitchen cabinet – Target brand.  Nothing wrong with the red dot boutique – in fact, I love Target – but not for my coffee.  When did I become a coffee snob?  Are most Americans becoming coffee snobs?  Do we blame Starbucks?  How did this happen?  And snobbery can go the other way, too – I have seen my dad looking at all the coffee stuff we have – and he just chuckles.


And the coffee snob saga continues…

I was running downstairs the other morning, so I could dig through the dryer to find some pants for the 3-year-old (just looking for the pants – the rest of the clothes stayed in the dryer). As I turned the corner to head into the kitchen, I smelled coffee brewing, but what KIND of coffee?

My MIL makes it to the main floor between 6-6:30am, grabs the Daily Camera and Denver Post from the driveway, starts the coffee, and then tackles sudoku. If I’m having a “snooze-a-holic” morning, the smell of brewing coffee is my wake up call to get a move on. BUT, on this particular day, the coffee smell was…  off.

Back in the kitchen, I said to my MIL, “Good morning.  What kind of coffee are you making this morning?”

MIL, “Folgers.  It was on sale, a good deal.”

Big sigh!! The coffee snob in me just kept it moving and went downstairs.

I LOVE it that my MIL is a conscious shopper, uses coupons that I clip, and likes to take advantage of a great deal when she sees one, but Folgers?  I mean we have a bean grinder, a programmable coffee maker, several accoutrements, and access to the best fair trade coffee around. We can do better!  Ok ok , the coffee snob in me says we can do better.

I didn’t make a big fuss about the coffee that morning because in the reality of  multigenerational living, coffee ain’t no deal breaker!  I just ended up buying a florentine (my fav!) at Celestial Seasonings.

(Think about Zeek and the hazelnut coffee on Parenthood!)

Here’s the reality: I love having a cup coffee with my MIL. We grab our favorite coffee containers, doctor up the coffee to taste, sit down and just shoot the breeze.  If I have to smell Folgers on some mornings (or afternoons), so be it.  BTW…later that day, I did find a bag of “designer” coffee beans in the cabinet. Coffee unites us!

Tell us – what’s your favorite coffee/coffee drink?


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  1. Posted by Leslie on May 13, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I am in such a rush to get the kids out the door for school and myself out the door for work that I typically don’t bother with coffee first thing. My office has a coffee bar where all drinks are $1 or $2 and all proceeds go to charity, so I buy my large skim iced latte every morning (winter, spring, summer or fall) and take my first sip as I sit down to read my morning email. And then I say , “Ahhhhh….”


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